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The homemade tradition

Auberge Aux Deux Clefs

dessin-Auberge Aux 2 Clefs

The Auberge is the result of 40 years of work by a small team that tries to keep its identity despite the “standardization” that our era would like to impose on us.
Our goal : to welcome you as if you were in a guest house with warmth and friendliness so that you feel comfortable, simply like at home.
In a charming dining room with changing decorations, come and taste traditional French cuisine, leaving a beautiful part to the Alsace region : “signature” card of Auberge Aux Deux Clefs in Lièpvre.


The inn

 Auberge jardin Aux Deux Clefs

The hostel is bordered by a large garden, with a nice terrace for sunny days, not to mention the free garage at your disposal for motorcycles, bicycles and “fragile” cars.

The restaurant

Salle restaurant Aux Deux Clefs

A warm dining room, with decorations that change according to the seasons and artistic encounters. Service on a large terrace overlooking our garden. During the week, there is a “bistro” menu for lunch.

The menu

Carte Restaurant Aux Deux Clefs

A table of suggestions with master ideas: season, delicacies, region and tradition, enhanced with an inventive note to break the monotony.


The hotel

Chambre hôtel Aux Deux Clefs

A building dating from 1870 where we have arranged 8 rooms to the best of our possibilities.

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